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Dr. Heather Finley

The body has the amazing ability to heal itself once everything is functioning properly. I believe in helping people establish a balanced lifestyle through real food, exercise, & leading by example.

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Why Nutrition?

Modern medicine does not prioritize the importance of proper nutrition. Although many people are aware that nutrition is important, it can be incredibly confusing (enter Nourish). We take into account your individual health status, medical history, age, and nutrition preferences to help you meet your goals. We truly believe proper nutrition holds the key to a happy and healthy lifestyle, which can be achieved without deprivation, fad dieting or restriction.

We appreciate the emotional connection we have with food as much as the science behind it. We stay on top of the most recent nutrition research and information with a critical and realistic eye. Everyone is different and we work with each client closely to develop individual plans to fit different lifestyles, goals and various medical conditions.

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