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Hi! I'm Dr. Heather Finley

Gut health is personal to me! I struggled with my own gut health issues for years and through my education and experience I have developed a proven and tested 3 step framework for approaching gut health. I help you find bloating, constipation and anxiety relief so that when you have situations that may trigger gut issues, you have a framework to refer to in order to manage your symptoms so that you can continue to live your best life. A life without fear, anxiety, brain fog, bloat and constipation! 

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Why the 3 Step Gut Protocol?

Over the last decade I have developed a proven and tested 3 step framework for approaching gut health from a functional nutrition perspective. Although many people are aware that gut health is important, it can be incredibly confusing (enter Nourish). At Nourish, we take into account your individual health status, medical history, age, and nutrition preferences to help get rid of uncomfortable bloat, constipation and anxiety. 

We truly believe that in order to find symptom management it is important to approach gut health from a framework that includes food, lifestyle, sleep and stress. Utilizing our 3 step framework we will help you determine food and lifestyle triggers, diminish bloat, resolve constipation and live the life you want to live free of gut symptoms! 

Program Benefits

Improved Quality of Sleep

Balanced Energy levels

Increased Happiness & Mood

Decreased Bloat and Constipation

Reduced Anxiety

Decreased Confusion Around Food Related to Optimizing Gut Health

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