Have you tried everything to relieve your constipation and bloat and nothing is working?

  • You are sick of digestive issues impacting your quality of life
  • You feel like you can tolerate 5 foods 
  • You are sick of feeling bloated and 6 months pregnant at the end of the day
  • You are sick of experiencing embarrassing gas  
  • You want to discover what foods make you feel your best and have sustained energy
  • You want to improve the relationship you have with food and your gut symptoms 
  • You want to increase the variety of food you are eating so you can go out to eat without fear of bloat
  • You’re confused by the media messages about what foods are good for gut health
  • You want to improve your mood and anxiety around food and your gut symptoms 

We Can Help You

  1. Daily Accountability: you will have access to a supportive accountability group where you can talk to me (your Registered Dietitian) as well as other “gut groupies” who are working towards the same goals
  2. Weekly Group Coaching Calls: You will have access to live coaching calls to receive individualized feedback on your symptoms, lifestyle and nutrition related to your own symptoms
  3. Weekly Check-Ins: Each week you will have a check in to ensure you are contenting to make progress and give any feedback needed. These check-ins will help you learn to identify triggers, understand your root causes and adjust nutrition, lifestyle and other contributing factors
  4. Weekly Office Hours: Each week we conduct office hours in our private community to give you specific feedback on questions you have and to provide additional support and motivation
  5. Access to Training Platform: You will get access to the “Gut Groupie” exclusive platform during the duration of the program. The platform includes videos covering my proven method, nutrition guidance and workbook exercises
  6. Meal Plans: you will get access to the “Gut Groupie” meal plans and meal prep guides to use alongside personalized coaching directly in the program

Client Transformations