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If you are new to nutritional counseling with Nourish Functional Health, you will receive a link from our online portal where you can fill out paperwork before our first session.  Please be sure to fill out the forms before the first session as this will help ease you into our appointment, and allow as much time as possible to be spent focusing on you.

What You Can Expect When Working With Us:
Our dietitians are trained experts with specialized training in functional nutrition, IBS, digestive disorders and eating disorders. Nutrition isn’t just about what you’re eating, but also what you are thinking and saying. We are renowned for our holistic, evidence based approach to health and nutrition. We take a comprehensive history that includes all factors that influence health and wellness.
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All Nutrition Counseling Packages Include:
• 1-hour comprehensive assessment to determine your current nutrition status, challenges and personal health values
• A thorough look at health to understand the root of the problem and a customized plan to help you solve it
• A road map of your care, both personalized and practical to help you manage symptoms, build healthy habits and fuel your body in a positive way

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